Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Beginning of year 2011

Wow...its so long I didn't write down in this blog. Miss u so much. Muah muah...haha. Its about 1 year I didn't open yet. Now , I am in 4th grade in Information System major. Well, I am interested again with my blog becoz yesterday I just checked about "hijab" ad then I found the blog named "Hijabers". So great!! . They are big people that I ever found with their hijab. I will mention you whoever that include in it, Dian Pelangi, she is moslem designer and fashion stylish, Siti Juwariyah , she is art designer and photographer. Well well, I read most member of the Hijabers and the content of blog is also amazing. At least, it proved that they maintan their blog as well as possible. Eh..I also found many tutorial how use hijab for beginner, thats good for me becoz Im newbie.
Grab it fast !!! Horraaai .


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