Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

Alhamdulilah.. it passed!! Thankz God!!

I know it very well, I know it very well. I hve been waiting for it during 3 months. Initially, I ignore mesej from my big friend. I still on bed, and played with my pillow. Oh ...its pleasure of sphere. hehe >,<. But 5 seconds again, I begin to be focused on my friend .
N : Eh , PKM kita lolos lhoh!!
ak : Serius mbk??
N : Ya iyalah, Alhamdullillah :)
ak : alhamdulillah juga :)

*PKM : read it about Program of Scholar Creativity.
Im happy but Im sad too, why my group was passed by,But it must be prayed becoz all of group out there want it , and want go to PIMNAS. PIMNAS is nation competition that held by Indonesia yearly about scholar creativity in their own majors. But..if out box? it doesnt matter becoz my group take theme about social, especially entrepeneurship that implemented to children. It will be fascinating, so be creative and write down ur mind in ur wiriting. Pray for us!! and wis us luck to pass by in PIMNAS.


Humaira Luthfi


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