Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Now, till tomorrow!!!

Now, im just still in my computer, just hard work by my brain that the longer I want to freeze my own into refrigerator. XP.
I still at 6th floor ITS library, its so weird??? What I still did for until this night?? yeah...I make script for tomorrow. I forget it. Lets introduce my job now exclude being scholar, im scripwriter(hope), editor(hope), talent (its my job...hahaha, this is my normal view :P), but not being cameraman because of Im unstable for handling things that overweight up to me ...hehe exactly becoz I am so slim. Lets get the point!! Why Im in progamming major can dream and job as like I mention above. I follow Eureka TV, its online TV and u all can watch it by streaming , juzt check this site out,

This is exactly TV for ITS community and non-ITS, but this specially introduce what events and activities being summoned in ITS to others. And now , im preparing for taking picture for collaboration Eureka Tv and TVRI Surabaya. The title is Campus Online, u can watch every monday at 12.30 WIB, hope u all like it!! But at this time, I didn,t become presenter, I worked at behind the scenes. I call it teleprompter and VP because first one made in studio. The presenter is Ms. Frischa , look her, she is most beautiful, yeah AKA she is a model, so who I am? hiks...Im desperated :P, the second presenter is Mr. Halim, he is my friend , studied until now at industrial engineering, his voice is being reverb but its so cool and looks like a gentleman. Wow !! I wanna like them almostly.

Ok, this time is so long I leave my job, watch our jobs ( me and all crew) at TVRI and dont miss it! :)


Humaira Luthfi.


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