Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

I Guess My Dream is . .

Hi luthfi, watz ur dream?? I am not child again thats not such the very long long time ago when I was still kindergaten. I have been 19th (still) and wanna be good adult (although it can'nt be called that). I have racked brain into big and complex problem (and expected). I still imagine until now what happy moment as we still child, we just played others, we just cry, and we just being cranky if our needs/ wants didn't fulfill by our parent. We just watched old film, and we just got its flashback and we can twist into present circumstances, and its easily to hold on and presss the remote. Helloooooo, but its real, its reality not parodi. Maybe, my dream is too general, and now I will ensure my dreamz so they are all can follow me and so do they :) (hope) . For the short phase, I will breakdown it into some pieces..
1. I become writer , mostly in local place , I call it in campus, or our blog :D
2. I become dezigner, many sense of it, and respectly, I will design by my own for the smallest, I will design my blog, my book, my card, or my my my .. . and I write down as watermark "by humaira". I like the name very much. :*
3. I become progammer, maybe anyone that read my blog interested to ask me for doin project, and my effort : I must call the names that almostly and usually do that, I expect for joining because naturally Im not progammer but mostly I have to capable at this subject.
4. I become analyizt, it can take in everywhere, maybe I use it in finance subject, or management lecture, and also progamming.
5. I become a career woman from now, mybe the effort isn't still intangible becoz the academic is disturbed becoz of that. I am interested in craft and etc. But now,, I make business concerned book, u could call this phone 085 730 851 704 , it stood by our great team. For my friends or follower :) if u need some books u could call the number. Check this in facebook at BigBookBox. Thanks for our faithfully customer.
6. I become a creative woman , maybe I take this more and more becoz I must take some course focused in handcraft, flanel, clay, others. I wanna join it, but I dont know wat the place is in Surabaya. Let me know if u know, and ensure that this is cheap and appropriate for scholar pocket. hehehe . arigatou gozaimasu
7. I become linguist , specially in English and Jepang. But now, i will look deeper for my English, sorry for inconvinience because u read rude English so much ..hehe, please assist me fellas !!
8. I become leader, specially for my self, and maybe for my organization HMSI, EUREKA TV, or WET. amiin

I think I can do it for next four years, Aminn. I will report and write it down later for my success in this blog. Wait for me for four years again and u can try it by ur self, write down ur idea+dream, ur effort, and ur indicator if its successfull.


Luthfiya Ulinnuha a.K.a Humaira Luthfi


Anonim mengatakan...

amin.. semoga impian segera terbangun.. jangan lupa doa biar terkabul.. :)

Luthfi mengatakan...

thankz before :), thanks for being follower too :)

Anonim mengatakan...

you have amazing dream :)

may Allah bless you,

kalau ada niat, insyaAllah ada jalan

Luthfia mengatakan...

absolutely I didn't know what "kecapius" is , but I just already open this and hello mr. Angga Rajasa :D
Thanks for visiting my blog, it's must also be honour for me.
Yes, exactly now I am in my way to fulfill this.


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