Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Qualified Movies

Hi fellas, nice to meet you again. Yesterday, I just check out my movie in my laptop, and found this film 3 Idiot. You all exactly had watched this, isn't nice?isn't inspiring? The answer is : Yeahhhhh !!! First, I ignore many kinds of movies from country of Abisekh Bachan. But now, it will recommeneded for you and also me, many movies can called qualified movie. Furthermore, there is Taree Zameen Par that tell us about every child is special :). This is produced and directed by Aamir Khan. Wow, great!!! he produces good movie that I like it very much. Before, he ever played in 3 Idiot, the films also give to me about morality, science,and also fellowship :)
Oya, I havent told u yet about the child that be little artis and the focused actor too, he is Darsheel Safary, he also plays in newest movie that tell about childhood. Can Indonesia's film production produce film like that?? Absolutely yes, our movies is solely just have genre that I call not horor but more leads into somethings " ". (U know lahh..), Indonesia have Laskar Pelangi, and many film produced by Alenia, Garuda di Dadaku,etc or if we all was still little, our favorite movie is Petualangan Sherina :).
And now, have launched this film, Rumah Tanpa Jendela taken from famous writer Asma Nadia, and it is one of work by Aditya Gumay. :)
Recommended for us all

The movie is musical drama, dont be weird about the artist play here but I only suggest u focused on this story and message we get.I like very much the little artist, he is very nice and so funny, and also this beautiful kids.

Happy Watchin :)


Humaira Luthfi


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