Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009

2012 with my beloved friend !!!!!

Yappp yapp " 1. 2. 3. Chheeerrs !!! "
hahhaaha... all of my friend laugh, smile, and just have fun!!!
We hve just been going to the movie , I dnt know what the name, but it located at Galaxy Mall Surabaya.
2012? Oh no! Scream? Are U afraid? no no no no
I, Atikah, Rivia, Nice, and Juwita just say " No problem, its just a movie!"
Before it, We are taking picture gather with all of my friend at department IS ITS 2009. . But suddenly, the place is dark over there my eyes see. Yeah, its time to whatching.... prepare ice tea & pop corn !! We are still fun.
But, while the film was going to climax..
Oh no!!!! We cried and....we shouted " No no!!! whats a pitty they are !!!", our hand enfold face!!!
huhuhuuhuhu....pop corn in my hand has been empty.
Hows ur opinion about 2012?? I cannt define, but exactly just God can answer it . Not 2012, actor, actrees, director, etc. But so far so good in effect. One thumb for the director!!!! :)


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