Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009

Everything in my beloved Dept. information System

For every moment, I feel I m happy. For progamming class, honestly I dnt know what things that make the lesson is essential. . hahhahha. But so far so good!!! Im proud of u, my department !! I love IS. I take 18 "sks". so much ? no!!! I feel become difficult in practicum of ALPRO( Algoritma dan Pemrograman). Ohh noo!!! LP? TP? hahhahha. but its very interesting. I like progamming and also like art very much. I try to find art in progamming. I like lesson KI practical , because here I can dance again...hahhhaha. for Discreet Math, ,,,hm its also difficult!!!
My name is Luthfiya Ulinnuha , NRP? 5209100115.
I hope I can
Make Effort ! Yes You Can


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