Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009

Will "Punjari Dance" Just Become Old Story?

Indonesia is rich for traditional dance. And it is also for Punjari Dance. Punjari Dance is famous in 1990, but now it is almostly forgotten. This dance is quite unique. Its collaborated by Bali Dance and its culture. Punjari Dance is influence in movement, traditional custom, and also tradaitional music appliances. Punjari Dance using "Bonang Gamelan" and Bali Batik, and they also used by Bali Dance. This aculturation is based on Banyuwangi area is near by Bali, so the cross culture is very easy to spread over. We can named Punjari Dance with ancestor from traditional dance built in East Java. Although its become ancestor, it may not be familiar by its name because usually it famous in only for teathrical religion event. Such that, avoid ghost, or call rain for falling down. Punjari Dance must be inheritanced because its belong to Indonesia Heritage. We must introduce young generation with this dance for proving Indonesia culture so that can be continously and just owned by Indonesia and only in Indonesia.


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